200 Years of Independence

2021 PROGRAM        

Events to be organised for celebrating 200 Years of Greek Independence since the Revolution of 1821

The events are organised by PanMacedonian Association of Melbourne and Thessaloniki Association the “White Tower” in co-operation with several other community organisations and educational institutions in Melbourne and supported by the Greek Consul for Education and the Greek Consulate

  1. Raising of the Greek flags at Federation Square on 25th March 2021. This event is organised by Thessaloniki Association “The White Tower”, PanMacedonian Association of Melbourne and the Association of Greek Language and Culture Schools in Victoria. The event program will include singing of the Greek National Anthem by students from schools in Melbourne where the Greek Language is being taught, and as a result all schools in Melbourne are invited to show interest by sending the names of two students (one male and one female) to the event. Also, the Dancing Group of PanMacedonian Association will perform one dance (Τσάμικο) representing Greek folkloric tradition. The eight Greek flags will be flying on mast for the duration of the day.
  2. Promotion of Greek products imported to Australia with the help of HACCI and the importers, at Federation Square, at some unspecified date that will be organised with the venue.
  3. Launching of a series of four volumes of books by Mr Iakovos Garivaldis OAM, titled “Προσφύγων Μνήμες” (Authentic Memories from Refugees) on Sunday March 28th at the Pontian Community Building, 345 Victoria Street Brunswick. The books will be launched by Dr Christos Fifis and Dr Thanasis Spilias. The organisations that are also supporting this event are The Greek-Australian Cultural League of Melbourne and the Hellenic Writers Association of Australia.
  4. Painting Exhibition by Greek artists in the community in the theme “Revolution 1821 – 200 years from independence”. This Exhibition will take place at the PanMacedonian building, Queens Road, Clifton Hill and will be open to the public for one week.
  5. Student Creations Exhibition in the theme “200 Years since liberation”, with prizes for three students who will excel with their presentations. The event will be organised in co-operation with the Greek Consulate Advisory for Education and several Greek Schools around Melbourne who wish to participate. These works will be exhibited at the Greek Consulate.
  6. Memorial to Pavlos Melas, the revolutionary who had donated his estate, and his life to the cause of the revolution. There will be a speech by a prominent scholar of the community.
  7. Demetria & Sister-Cities Dinner Dance to be held on Saturday 20th November 2021 at Normandy Receptions, Normandy Road, Brunswick.
  8. Demetria & Sister-Cities Festival at Queen Victoria Market in November 21st, 2021. Several community and school dancing groups and performers will be marking this event along with traditional Greek food and folk dancing between 10:00am and 4:00pm on the day.
  9. Movie Screening about the Greek Revolution in 1821 and what it means to the Greek people and the rest of the independent world. The screening will be organised to be shown in a Melbourne theatre.

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