A time to remember

The Organising Committee of the Cypriot Struggle (Συντονιστική Επιτροπή Κυπριακού Αγώνα) has organised a series of activities this July again, for the 45th time, to remember their own and remind the big world powers that this is 2019 and the plight of Cyprus is still with us, still unsolved.

Thessaloniki Association was represented at some of these activities, by the Vice-President, Mr Iakovos Garivaldis OAM.

These activities include a stand outside the Victorian Parliament on Friday 12th July, in the rain and cold, as if we had nothing better to do. Followed by an Austerity Dinner to recollect, shed a tear or two since there are not tears left, recite a poem or five and let the world go round in their luxurious ignorance or their grand indifference.

These words again are written, and they have been spoken, and they have been cried on… 2019, 45 years, invasion, illegal occupation, displacement, refugees, missing, buried, dead… nobody listens

Thessaloniki Association “The White Tower” was represented at the Austerity Dinner, because it knows that freedom comes to those who struggle, prosperity comes to the children only of martyrs. The world will not listen, too busy to listen, too involved in their profit making to lend a hand. It has gone to the stage where a single hand is not enough, a single gesture of good will is not enough, since the 45 years of illegal invasion and occupation should be enough… or are they.

Austerity Dinner, Δείπνο Λιτότητας της ΣΕΚΑ, ΠΑΣΕΚΑ, Κυπριακής Κοινότητας Μελβούρνης

12 Ιουλίου 2019 – 45 χρόνια, κανείς δεν ακούει…

These days, this month, Cyprus is again violated, Cyprus is again struggling for a gasp of free air from the enemy ships surrounding her, wanting to drill further into its body, wanting to see if there’s any blood left to draw.