Expression of Interest

If you’re interested in holding a stall at the 2018 Sister-Cities Festival at Federation Square, on Sunday 25th November 2018, please fill out this form and submit it.

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    Thessaloniki Association
    "The White Tower"

    Festival Stall Hire Application


    Queen Victorian Market

    The Festival runs for 6 hours, 10:00am to 16:00pm - Bump-in time starts at 8:00am, earlier only with prior arrangement.





    Office hours PHONE



    Marquee Size/Power Requirement.
    Power includes only 1 outlet upto 16Amp max.

    Number of power outlets required. Please note each extra outlet (more than 1) carries $70 extra charge


    If you require power: Amperage of power required. How many Amps max (12, 16, 20 ...) ?


    Extra in-marquee lighting Requested

    Public Liability Insurance

    I am applying to involve our company named above with the next Thessaloniki Association festival at Victoria Market. I understand that if on the day of the festival I cause any power problems with my equipment I will pay any additional costs required in resolving these power issues.
    AgreeDo not agree
    I own a Street Traders license and can produce it at any time to the City of Melbourne inspector.
    I haveI dont have
    Vehicle type you will use. Vehicles and trailers cannot be parked along the River Terrace


    Vehicle registration number (if you don't know please ensure you provide this at least 4 days prior to event) - If you're hiring a vehicle please provide hiring company name


    You need to supply rego, tonnage, length, width and type here and get clearance from Fed Square & Thessaloniki Association

    Other Vehicle

    Please supply details here for Thessaloniki Association to assess

    Approx. arrival time at Festival in the morning. Please choose one and remember you cannot start trading prior to 11:30am

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS (Please provide additional information about your product/service)