Gala Dinner Dance 2014

Thessaloniki Association “The White Tower” is organising the annual Dinner Dance for this year, 30 Years of Sister-Cities Celebrations.

This year Thessaloniki Association is welcoming the Mayor of Thessaloniki Mr Yiannis Boutaris to the events. The Minister for Macedonia – Thrace Mr George Orfanos, although ready to arrive and participate had a last minute call to government in Greece and will not be with us this year.

On this day we will also be announcing the winners of this year’s Student Competition titled “Melbourne-Thessaloniki, 30 Years Sister-Cities“.

The winners are:

First Prize –

First prize was split between two students

(a) Sophie Diamantis – Year 9, VSL Haileybury ($150 worth account with Bank of Sydney)

(b) Alexandra Curnow – Year 3, Zenon Education Centre ($150 worth account with Bank of Sydney)

Second Prize –

Second Prize was also split between two students

(a) Nikolaos Filiopoulos – Year 3, Alphington Grammar ($100 prize from Thessaloniki Association)

(b) Alexandros Savvas – Year 7, Alphington Grammar ($100 Prize from Thessaloniki Association)

Third Prize –

Georgia Iliopoulos – Year 4, St. Catherine Malvern ($100 Prize from Thessaloniki Association)

Congratulations to all students, their teachers and families.


Please read more about all the events in other pages on this website.

The event venue is Star Receptions at 1c Bell Street, Preston.

Tickets are $75 each with $30 for children. To obtain tickets please call any of these numbers:

For further information please contact our Association at – or by ringing the event co-ordinators Niki Koukoula on 0417 578 492 or Vicki Sagiakou on 0431 198 382 as well as our Public Relations Officer Iakovos Garivaldis on 0413 057426 and the President 0418 353 086.


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