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The Thessaloniki Association “The White Tower” is proud to announce the details of an exciting new project “The White Tower Melbourne” which will be officially launched by Maria Vamvakinou MP on Sunday 14 August 2016 at 4.00 pm at 439 High Street Northcote.

“The White Tower Melbourne” is a multi-faceted community project, which when finished will be gifted to the City of Melbourne on Sunday 27 November 2016 during the Festival at the 32nd Anniversary celebrations of the Sister City relationship between Melbourne and Thessaloniki at Federation Square.

The project consists of the construction of a replica of “The White Tower”, Thessaloniki’s most famous landmark.

Christina Despoteris, Vice President of the Thessaloniki Association said “Once constructed, the replica of The White Tower will be covered by crocheted white laurel flowers, the national flower of Greece a symbol of highest status and an emblem of prosperity and fame.”

She continued “These flowers will be crocheted by members of the Greek community and the broader Australian community.”

The launch of the project will be at the Thessaloniki Association’s premises at 439 High Street Northcote on Sunday 14 August 2016 at 4.00 pm.

The project has its own dedicated facebook page – “The White Tower Melbourne” which will be active in a couple of days.

Various groups in the community and the media have already been approached and have pledged their support for the project.

Ms Despoteris continued “This project will develop cross-cultural ties, teach the art of crochet – older ladies teaching their daughters and grand-daughters how to crochet, it will give the opportunity to older persons who may be isolated from the general community to mix with others and act as a get-together socially to have a cup of coffee and reminisce.”



The White Tower in Thessaloniki (the northern port city of Greece) is a monument and museum on the waterfront and is the symbol of the city because of its prominent position, long history and impressive architecture. The tower was built in 15th century in order to replace an older 12th century Byzantine fortification while it was later reconstructed by the Ottomans. It was used as a fort enhancing the harbours defences, as a garrison and a prison.

The Thessaloniki Association “The White Tower” was established in 1961 by a handful of migrants. It has undergone a number of transformations during this time and has a long list of achievements. The most significant of these being the catalyst in bringing the City of Thessaloniki and the City of Melbourne together to form a twinning of the cities on 19 March 1984.

Hosting the largest Greek speaking population outside of Europe, it was appropriate that Melbourne should have a strong and vibrant sister city relationship with a suitable Greek partner.

Thessaloniki has become the first European sister city to Melbourne. Our Association has been the link between these two great cities. Over the years this relationship has strengthened the very close bonds which already existed between Australia and Greece and has created an ideal cultural bridge between our two magnificent cities.

Our two cities share a lot in common, being home to vibrant Greek communities and both having a reputation for their love of the arts and culture. Our bonds were forged on the battlefields of the Second World War where Greek and Australian soldiers fought alongside each other.

28 July 2016


For further information please contact:                                                                  

Christina Despoteris    
0413 94 37 96

White Flower

Christina & Maria
Christina & Maria


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