Thessaloniki Association “The White Tower”

439 High Street
Vic 3070
Phone: (614) 13057426 – (614) 18353086


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Public Relations 


Thessaloniki Association has a new Board of Management

The Board of Management is this:


Board Position

Paul Mavroudis President
 Iakovos Garivaldis Vice-President
Giannis Papageorgiou General Secretary
Mark Tsiounias Treasurer
Christos Mitsios Assistant Treasurer
Niki Koukoulas Public Relations
Lena Tsiounias Public Relations Assistant
Penny Taravira Functions Officer
Vicky Sagiakos Assistant Functions Officer
Vaso Katselas Building Officer
Soula Kolokithas Committee Member
Committee Member
Niki Koukoulas Committee Member
John Mavroudis Advisor



Thessaloniki Association “The White Tower” Committee.

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